Version 0.11 Pre-Alpha Released.

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Sample Games

The <TAG> Engine is a relatively new creation. There are not a lot of games written for it.

During the development of the game, I created a proof of concept game. This game has a couple of rooms and an object that I can manipulate. This is definitely not award-winning material.

I also threw together a game named the Mystery House. It's very very short, consisting of only a dozen of rooms and objects. This is to demo the potential of the <TAG> Engine and as well as debugging the engine itself.

This game is bundled with the <TAG> Engine. It can be ran through

Also I hope to expand this Mystery House into a series, and create some serious games with it.

I will create other games along the way, but my main focus right now is to get the engine fully tested and working, as well as implementing new features to the engine itself.

You can also create games with this engine as well. It's very very easy and you can get started by reading the wiki.

You can also get help in our forum, as well as showcasing your game in our forum. If your game is good, you might feature in the next version of the TAG Engine release!


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