Version 0.11 Pre-Alpha Released.

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What is the <TAG> Engine?

The <TAG> Engine is a game engine that simplifies the process of creating text-based games. Text based games originally came out of the 80s and the 90s. These games uses commands typed by the player to interact with the game rather than input control with the mouse and keyboard to control characters in the game. These games are dubbed as "Interactive Fiction". Think of it as those choose your own adventure books on crack. These puzzles are often more challenging than their "video" game counter parts, as the only source of information you get is text; or in other words, it's like reading a book!

The project focuses on expandability of the core engine. The project also focuses on simplicity. We believe that the best game engine is an engine that allow people to make games easily.

The engine uses a single XML file to store most of the game's information. As of version 0.12-pa, some python knowledge is required to develop the game, but we hope to eliminate that in future release!

So what are you waiting for? Start your game now!

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We need your help!

Developing a game engine from scratch is a very difficult process. You can contribute in a couple different ways:

If you have python experience, feel free to contact me about help the project at the link above.

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